THYTRONIC protective relays solution provides complete power system protection from any type of faults and system distress condition, making secure, reliable and efficient the power grid operation.



XMR-C is dedicated to the protection, measurement and supervision of capacitor banks and harmonic filters.
In addition, the relay has a series of protective functions that make it a multifunction relay.
Filter capacitor banks consist of capacitor bank and air core connected in series. Their task is to absorb the harmonic currents generated by loads and all above mentioned power electronic devices. The capacitor banks may be internally/externally fused or fuseless capacitor units.
The XMR-C relay provides protection of shunt capacitor banks and harmonic filter circuits with following configurations:
  • Single star grounded or ungrounded
  • Double star ungrounded or ungrounded
  • Delta
  • H configuration
The capacitor banks may be equipped with internally fused, externally fused or unfused capacitor units.
A suitable compensation method is provided by the protection relay to compensate the inherent unbalance neutral current
Protection 37, 49, 59H and 50(rms)/51(rms) are based on RMS measurement of the three phase currents (fundamental and harmonics up to the 50th).
Following input circuits are available:
  • Three phase current and one neutral current inputs with nominal currents independently selectable
  • at 1 A or 5 A by means of sw settings.
  • Three phase voltages (line-to-ground) with nominal voltages programmable in the range 50...130
  • V (UR=100V) and one residual voltage input with nominal voltage programmable in the range
  • 50...130 V (UER=100V).
In addition to the main protection element, the breaker failure (BF), CT monitoring (74CT), VT monitoring (74VT), Trip Circuit Supervision (TCS), and programmable logic (PLC) are also provided. Calibration, programming and readout modes of measurements and recordings are implemented through Personal Computer with Software support (ThyVisor) via communication bus.