Controllo Centrale di Impianto iCCI


The European Electricity Transmission System Guidelines establish the importance of monitoring distributed generation, particularly from renewable sources.
ARERA assigns DSOs the task of acquiring, and sending to TSOs, the data of generation plants.
The CEI, with Annexes O and T, introduces the Central Plant Controller (CCI).
A system that, installed at the Delivery Point, allows the DSOs to monitor the production plant of the active user, making it participate in the balancing of the network.

In order to meet the new requirements introduced by the CEI016 standard, Thytronic proposes a solution that integrates the CCI, which complies with the requirements expressed in Annexes O and T, with a KIT for measuring power flows. 

The iCCI THY KIT, in addition to the Thytronic CCI, includes:
  • Multifunctional protection relay of the new X-MORE platform - XMR-P
  • Additional protection measurement module with integrated splitter and network analyser
  • Directional protection function package XSAS#PD00
  • ThySensor array with 0.5 accuracy class for field measurement of voltage and current quantities
  • Toroid for homopolar current measurement
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