Our remote I/O expansion units communicate with IEC 61850 GOOSE, allowing to extend and distribute the acquisition and command capabilities of  IEC 61850 masters (GOOSE subscribers). We offer flexible I/O board configurations to fulfill any application requirement, making the iRTUe the perfect choice to both set-up and retrofit electrical communication networks.

Contemporary substation automation calls for advanced I/O modules to provide modern services such as interlocking or load shedding. These functionalities rely on state-of-the-art characteristics, which cannot be realised with serial communication media and old protocols. For this reason, the iRTUe executes  IEC 61850 GOOSE messaging  in a processing time under 3ms. 

They connect via double Ethernet (RJ45, ST or SC) or serial (EXP422) port and are synchronized with IEEE 1588 (PTP) to ensure optimal time accuracy. This allows the iRTUe to communicate with any other equipment in the network: for instance RTUs, gateways, other iRTUe modules and third-party IEDs on the substation process bus.


  • IEC 61850 GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Events) communication (Publisher/subscriber)
  • High speed processing time — type 1A class performance P2/3
  • Flexible configuration of two I/O cards per unit with digital & analog inputs and relay
  • Sate-of-the-art & secured technology for advanced automation functionalities like load shedding or interlocking
  • Serial (EXP422) or double Ethernet port (copper or fiber) to connect to iRTUs/iGWs or any other third party master unit
  • Multicast MAC addresses
  • Time synchronization via PTP/IEEE1588 or NTP
  • Use GGIO data models or custom SCL files
  • Power quality measurements with the specialised iRTUe-Q


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