The data collection from meters, protection relays, and other IEDs can be performed using any protocol, inlcuding IEC 60870-5, IEC 61850 (MMS/GOOSE), DNP3, DLMS, Modbus or Procome, whilst managing a microseconds timestamp resolution via NTP or PTP. Further, the iGW can also process and transfer the data to one or multiple control centers or SCADA master stations using upstream protocols such as IEC 104, IEC 101, TASE2.0/ ICCP (IEC 60870-6), IEC 61850-90-2, DNP3, and Modbus RTU/TCP. A network architecture based on iGWs is open, efficient and scalable, as it allows to integrate coming generations of devices (IEDs, sensors, routers etc.) and adapt to any kind of changes made to your power distribution network, saving you lots of time and money.


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