THE complete kit for Thytronic's new CCI

Date  29-07-2022

THYTRONIC's iCCI THY KIT responds economically, compactly and in an integrated way to all the needs of:
  • Monitoring
  • Protection
of active users, also in relation to the new regulatory obligations introduced by CEI 0-16 standard for new generation plants with a total rated power exceeding 1 MW (generation and storage).
Regarding the estimation of power flows and observability of the MV grid, the KIT solution for the iCCI takes advantage of the accuracy of the new GSP integrated with the Thytronic measurement board, certified CEI 0-16 as both PG and PI, consisting of a tern of THYSENSOR voltamperometric sensors (with accuracy class 0.5) and XMR-P protection relays. In addition, the communication protocols (IEC61850; Modbus RTU / TCP...) native to the XMR-P relay, transmit active and reactive power measurements and DG and DI states to the iCCI in a safe and reliable way.
Thytronic's proposal, thanks to the functionality of the Central Plant Controller and being compliant with Annexes O and T of the CEI-016 standard, is the ideal solution for the implementation of new installations of:
  • Production
  • Storage
  • Consumption
with the possibility of participating in the economic benefits of the Dispatch Services Market (MSD).

The iCCI THY-KIT, in addition to the Thytronic CCI includes: 
  • Multifunction protection relay from the new X-MORE platform - XMR-P 
  • Additional measurement module to the protection with splitter and integrated network analyzer
  • Directional protection function package XSAS#PD00
  • ThySensor triad with 0.5 accuracy class enabling measurement of voltage and current quantities from the field
  • Toroid for homopolar current measurement

For more information, please contact your sales representative or write to thytronic@thytronic.it