XMR series obtains IEC6850 certification

Date  08-07-2022

XMORE, the new IED for protection, monitoring and control of electrical power systems by Thytronic, have obtained IEC61850 Server Ed.2 certification for XMR-P, XMR-A, XMR-V, XMR-D, XMR-T protection relays. In addition, for the XMR-P, performance class P1 has been established based on the data transmission rate in accordance with GOOSE communication protocol.

The GOOSE (GENERIC OBJECT ORIENTED SUBSTATION EVENT) protocol is a communication model defined by the IEC 61850 standard that provides maximum message transmission speed and improved reliability. The protocol uses fast and reliable mechanisms to group all types of data (status and values) and transmit them through the communication network within 4 thousandths of a second. It is most commonly used for data exchanges between Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) in electrical substations via Ethernet. 

The increasing complexity of installations due to the number and type of devices, the acceleration imposed by digitization, as well as the integration of new generation streams that are often geographically distant and heterogeneous, has made it clear that faster and more reliable communication systems and protocols need to be defined. The IEC 61850 standard provided a concrete answer to these needs by defining communication protocols and interfaces as well as specifications regarding substation design, configuration language and data models. In addition to plant interoperability, which is guaranteed by compliance with the IEC 61850 standard, the GOOSE protocol provides flexibility, adaptability, transmission speed and increased reliability through data integrity checks, key requirements for increasingly interconnected plants.