Thytronic's solution for power plant controller readiness

Date  08-03-2023

The Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA), in line with the European SOGL guideline, with the resolution 540/2021/R, has made mandatory in Italy the installation of the Power Plant Controller (CCI), as defined in V1:2020 and V2:2021 of CEI 0-16, for production plants with a nominal power greater than 1 MW and connected to MT starting from April 1st, 2023.
To comply with regulatory requirements, Thytronic considers key the readiness of the plant to ensure:
  • Detection through data acquisition by means of sensors with a coherent precision class
  • Measurement through measurement module XTS05 integrated in the new X-MORE platform
  • Protection through the XMR-P protection relay of the new XMORE platform with integrated PG&PI certification
In detail, the elements that characterize the solution proposed by Thytronic are:
  • The accuracy of the voltammetric sensor triplet THYSENSOR (class 0.5) which guarantees both the measurement of current and voltage and the protection.
  • The XTS05 measurement board with integrated precision class 0.2 within the new X-MORE platform which ensures data analysis in compliance with regulatory requirements (sampling and CEI 0-16 certification).
  • The new X-MORE platform that ensures both PG&PI protection, the collection of data from the XTS05 measurement board, and the transmission of electrical quantities to the centralized controller in "Modbus TCP/IP".
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