Date  25-07-2023

Scope of the position

As a firmware designer for embedded systems, the main responsibility will be to develop solutions and code that implement complex algorithms and numerical calculations for MV (Medium Voltage) protection and measurement systems. 
You will work closely with hardware engineers, firmware/software developers and other contacts to ensure efficient and accurate operation of embedded systems.


  • Complete firmware development for microcontrollers and DSPs.
  • Implementation and optimisation of mathematical algorithms, numerical methods for devices with real time performance.
  • Hardware interaction: working with hardware engineers to define device specifications, hardware constraints and fw/hw interfaces.
  • Code optimisation for: memory utilisation, execution speed and power consumption, taking into account device-specific requirements.
  • Testing and debugging: perform extensive tests on the firmware to ensure its reliability, accuracy and compliance with requirements.
  • Documentation: prepare and maintain detailed documentation, including specifications, design documents and user manuals, to facilitate the development process and support future maintenance.
  • Maintenance of firmware of devices already in production.
  • Collaboration with cross-functional project teams, including service and production.


  • Diploma or degree in electrical or electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or computer science. 
  • Consolidated experience in the role.
  • Predisposition to interpersonal relations and teamwork.
  • Ability to analyse system requirements and translate them into firmware design specifications.
  • Ability to inherit, improve and maintain existing designs.
  • Strong problem solving and debugging skills.
  • Attention to detail and commitment to producing high quality code.
  • Excellent knowledge of embedded systems architecture, including microcontrollers, DSPs, FPGAs, processors and related peripherals such as ADCs (Sar, Sigma Delta).
  • Thorough knowledge of programming languages commonly used in embedded systems, such as C and assembly language.
  • Strong knowledge of numerical methods, algorithms and mathematical models.
  • Excellent knowledge of digital signal processing (DSP) techniques, analogue to digital conversion.
  • Excellent knowledge of embedded software development tools (IDEs, compilers, emulators, debuggers).
  • Excellent knowledge of real-time operating systems (RTOS).
  • Knowledge of embedded Linux.
  • Knowledge of hardware description languages (HDL) such as Verilog or VHDL is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Matlab and Simulink is a plus.
  • Knowledge of medium voltage (MV) electrical networks is a plus.
  • Knowledge of electrical protection applications (MV) is a plus.
  • Written and spoken proficiency in English.



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