HR – Administration and Payroll Specialist

Date  11-07-2023

  • Supervision and coordination with the Payroll Studio of the monthly payroll and all fulfilments from the establishment to the management and termination of the work relationship
  • Managing the recording of timesheets, the closing of timecards and processing of files to be sent to the Payroll Studio for processing
  • Monitoring of employee activity data: working hours, permits, holidays, absences, anomalies. Management of related reports.
  • Supporting the Payroll office in the fulfilment of fiscal and legislative obligations (e.g. 770, law 68/99, equal opportunities report) 
  • Management of relations with external consultants, trade associations, competent authorities (INPS, INAIL, Provincial Labour Office, etc.) 
  • Interface with employees on payroll and personnel administration issues 
  • Preparation of letters of recruitment, transfer of level, increases, etc.
  • Management of personnel on-boarding and off-boarding processes 
  • Supporting personnel accounting, personnel budgeting and forecasting 
  • Support in recruiting and training activities
  • General service activities 

We require: 

  • Previous experience in this role
  • Familiarity with collective bargaining agreements and labour law issues and their updates
  • Knowledge of Zucchetti application
  • Knowledge of payroll (elements of remuneration), INPS and tax regulations, severance pay, INAIL, supplementary pensions, health insurance, pay and accruals, absenteeism, fringe benefits, annual fulfilments 
  • Accuracy and attention to data 
  • Aptitude also in the management of search, selection, training activities
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

Salary 30-35 K