Anwil New Fertilizer in Poland: Thytronic proposes integrated solutions


POSITIONS: Europe - Poland


Thytronic was awarded the supply of a customised solution, including SCADA automation system and protection relays, for ANWIL's new granulation plant, part of its fertiliser industrial complex in Włocławek, Poland.

Tecnimont, the well-known contractor, has been selected as responsible for the engineering, supply of all materials, construction, commissioning and testing, as well as operator training, for the construction of the new granulation plant. The new plant will have an average capacity of about 1,500 tons per day depending on the type of fertilizers and it will allow the simultaneous production of a wide range of products such as ammonium nitrate (AN), Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN), and Ammonium Sulphate /Ammonium Nitrate (ASN) mixtures. ANWIL is a Polish company part of ORLEN Group, a leading player in the fuels and energy markets, and one of the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

To fulfil end users’ needs, Thytronic has developed and proposed a customised package that included the supply of the specifically designed SCADA and Thytronic XMORE protection relays. The proposed solution enables easy integration into switchboards, increased reliability in network control, and, thanks to native compatibility between SCADA and protection relays, a significant reduction in complexity in managing the electrical system.

The iControl SCADA guarantees complete interoperability and integrates all important functionalities for electricity distribution network, providing an intelligent HMI for real-time monitoring and control combined with advanced data acquisition. Moreover, the deployed SCADA is IEC61850 based has a redundant architecture with a ring network topology to assure the necessary reliability.
The scope of supply included XMR-P, the multifunction and comprehensive Feeder, Transformer and Motor protection, and XMR-V, suitable for Loss of Main, Voltage and Frequency protection. Moreover, thanks to the embedded PLC environment, the protection relays have been customized with specific logic for ATS and interlocking function. The protective relays supplied are part of Thytronic’s range XMORE, the more advanced high- and IEDs for protecting, monitoring and controlling electric power systems.

Thanks to our skilled engineering team, Thytronic was able to provide a complete service on site, supporting the commissioning of MV and LV panels, checking protective function by means of secondary injection, providing the site acceptance test (SAT) for the entire SCADA functionality and the integration test with DCS.