Protection relay

ProN-ext ProN-ext

The  Pro-N eXtended is the Thytronic high level platform for the comprehensive protection in distribution networks, substations and industrial plants with any level of application: selective protection of feeders, power transformers, motors, generators, bank capacitors inside large industrial plants (Oil & Gas), metallurgy and paper industry and offshore installations.

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Pro-n Pro-n

Our pride for power system protection
Pro-N is Thytronic high-end and comprehensive solution for power generation and distribution Protection & Control suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Smart line Smart line

Low-cost solution for reliable protection
Thytronic low-cost digital protection relay line designed and developed to cover OEM's and industrial applications.

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Energy automation and control

iGrid iGrid

iGrid is the solution for all automation, supervision and control technologies of energy network, ensuring maximum scalability, from small distribution substations to complex electrical transmission systems.

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Residual Current Monitors (RCMs)

rmt rmt

Improve protection and reduce downtime
A complete range of ground fault protection devices and associated core balance transformers for LV power distribution, industrial as well as variety of OEM's.

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Fault detectors

Rilevatori di guasto

An army of alert sentinels
A full range of fault indicators for fast and selective fault location in MV secondary distribution system.

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ENEL Protective devices

Pannelli Enel

Control and prorection systems with enhanced digital technology for the overall protection of primary HV/MV utility substation working with ungrounded or Petersen coil grounded systems. Since this family was designed for the italian market most of the documentation is in italian language.

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