The evolution of the supervision and control systems in the electrical systems requires the possibility of setting up the protection relays as intelligent devices (IFD - Intelligent Field Devices) within communication networks consisting of general purpose devices such as PLCs or Personal Computers.
To meet this need, THYTRONIC has geared its development strategy towards the search for "open" solutions: PRO-N provides communication protocols based on Ethernet technology such as MODBUS TCP/IP and IEC61850.
These protocols allow the use of a single field bus with all features required to control the electrical system as well as the process.
Main features are:

  • conformance to an international standard
  • high-speed updating of the variables sent
  • high communication reliability
  • use of readily available commercial software that may be used in the most widespread programming environments.

In order to guarantee compatibility with traditional types of field bus, there are versions equipped with an RS485 interface with the Modbus RTU protocol.

The following communication ports are provided:

  • a front RS232 serial port for connection to the Personal Computer, Modbus RTU protocol
  • a rear serial port for connection to the auxiliary modules (I/O, Pt100,....) on the RS485 balanced line for extended connections, Thybus protocol
  • a rear Ethernet port with a copper or optical fibre interface for connection to the field bus
  • a rear RS485 serial port for connection to the field bus, Modbus RTU protocol.