Modular design


An innovative concept of hardware expandability through auxiliary modules and an high-speed serial bus enables the user to adapt the protections to various system needs. The possibility of increasing the number of output relays, the digital inputs and the signalling LEDs, together with a software with programmable logic conforming to the IEC61131 (PLC) protocol, provides the main switchgear automation and control functions.
Besides the I/O expansion modules, there are additional modules for output 4...20mA converters, inputs pt100 thermometric probes and blocking circuits to achieve enhanced reverse interlocking systems.
The modular structure enables easy enhancement of the system via upgrades of in-service relays.


Thybus modules:

- MCI - Current loop converter module

- MID16 - 16 Binary inputs module

- MPT - 8 Pt100 inputs module

- MRI - 4 Relays + 8 Binary inputs module


Block2 modules (logic selectivity)

- BFO - Electro-optical module

- MRB - Block repeater module